Alterations-curtain-blinds services available we can work with your existing curtains by re-lining, shortening, widening or extending. As we all know, we  are sometimes restricted due to  limited budgets or we prefer to save money by picking one off the shelves. However, think about the inconvenience after it has been bought, you maybe faced with the challenge of the fittings.

It might not long enough, too short, doesn’t match the room and you cannot return it once it has been opened which means you are stuck with it we say it should not be that way anymore as we can assure you that Matus is here to help as we can guarantee you better service by altering your -curtain-blinds-nets, voiles without the hassle as you can choose your own fabrics from many of our suppliers such as; Iliv, Chatham & Glyn, Simpsons, Today’s interiors, Casamance fabric, Edmond Bell etc… And to have it made to fit your window sizes to the exact measurement, at competitive prices to the high street and for it all to be completed within a week.

We alter all types of curtains, blinds, nets and soft furnishings; we can also upgrade your curtains by relining your existing curtains with blackout linings for bedrooms as this will give you extra vital hours of sleep during the shorter night of the summer or just want to reduce that excessive light. We can also up upgrade curtains heading design into triple Pinch pleat curtains, Pencil pleat curtains, Gathered  pleat heading, Inverted pleat heading or Single, double, smoke pleats heading or if you have or seen any design that you like we can make it into reality.

Vertical and Roller blinds alterations we can alter your blinds if they are too wide or repair or supply you with new ones should you required from wide variety of blinds such as the new designs Duorol blinds with variety of colours.